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Subdivision Infrastructure Status

Tuesday November 21, 2006

Roads – Final approval by County expected next week. Most of erosion control areas have been fixed and one remaining may require covering with jute mats. We may also need to sweep the roads of leaves before they approve. County will then takeover normal maintenance. Any special maintenance or repair will be done by developer for next three years. HOA will do mowing/trimming of ROWS during summer.

Reservoir – Liner repaired this summer and is full again. Water feed from lot 16 well is connected. Don’t expect to need well water replenish unless have unusually hot and dry summer. Less silt will be entering from side slopes than before but still may need to use chemical next spring to settle out particulates.

Utility Services – Electrical to homes provided from J-boxes located along ROW. If home will be located within 150’ of J-box location, in most cases can replace the J-box with transformer (least expensive). If the J-box is also a continuation point or if the home (meter base) is farther than 150’ then will need to leave the J-box and install a transformer on a vault (most expensive). Pioneer provides the digital phone/DSL service (cable TV in future). Builder needs to contact Pioneer when ready to run conduit (1 1/2” min) to determine where along the street the fiber cable will be accessed (generally next to the J-box) and obtain instructions for house phone wiring. Phone conduit to street side access can be in same trench as electrical but separated by one foot.

Mail Station with CBUs – To be located at bus turnaround. Expect to have ready by spring of 2007.

Landscaping – Will finish with area around the entry sign this winter or next spring. Also, will be placing groupings of small trees in area on south side of entry road.

HOA dues billiing– Will begin in 2007. HOA accounts management provided by CPA firm Boldt, Carlisle and Smith, Stayton, Or.