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Subdivision Infrastructure Status

The developer of Wren Hill Estates is currently petitioning the Benton County Fire District to have the entire development included in the fire district. Currently, part of the development (left) sits outside the district.

The Benton County Fire District meets on the first Monday of the month. The developer plans to petition that Wren Hill Estates be annexed into the fire district at this time.

The Developer has provided:

  • A connection into Mary’s River Estates
  • A water supply in the form of a reservoir with hydrants
  • Turn outs on the road ways
  • Reduction in fire fuel by 60% (thinning and trimming of trees)
  • Monitoring and alarm systems for the water supply
  • Selected limits on grade slopes and on turn radius for all roads
  • Specific sizing of cul-de-sacs
  • Loop roads and driveway designs.